Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Cat Fight

The Silent Assassin has been hobbling about on three legs since the weekend. At first we thought she may have been hit by a car, or had something nasty embedded in her paw, but the vet confirmed last night, after lightening our holiday fund of £25, that she'd been in a cat-fight, which she'd obviously won. (God help the other cat). I'm not sure whether to be proud or displeased!

Meanwhile night-time clubbing has been suspended and she's sleeping a lot, although in the day she's still desperate to get out and inspect her territory.

Archie, the Special One, has taken to try to bully her, but she's not that badly injured, and even just three sets of claws down his nose is enough to deter him. The other two dogs don't care. They're too busy trying to wolf down their food before Archie gets it.

Life in The Rectory is never boring!

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