Monday, 4 May 2009

Cunning Ploy


Last week, leader of The Christian Party (TCP) in the United Kingdom, Rev George Hargreaves led delegation of his party to Nigeria to flag off its campaign ahead of European Elections coming up in UK on the 4th of June 2009. The aim of the campaign was to give Nigerians with British passport an opportunity to vote by proxy in the European Union parliamentary elections.

The party converged in Lagos to unfold its agenda to Nigerians who had lived (legally) in Britain for 10 years that they are eligible to vote, provided he or she have registered with the Electoral Commission before May 10. The party as part of its campaign has set up registration centres in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt, where electorates would be able to fill necessary forms and be sent down to the UK electoral commission ahead of the election.

Hargreaves while addressing newsmen in Lagos said the party decided to launch its campaign in Nigeria because Nigeria has the largest number of Africans in the UK, as he called on prospective voters to support the party as part of its efforts to put wrongs in the British society right.

He said it was time for Africans to vote in the country’s election for better bargaining power in its politics, saying that if the party is elected it would fight against the British culture that denies parents the right to discipline their wards and empowers the social service workers to take possession of such children

Although, the party is a minor Christian Rights political organisation in Britain but Hargreaves said it has a chance at winning seats in the European elections, saying that “the method used in the European election is a proportional representation that has been introduced so that the major parties will not dominate the seats”.

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