Thursday, 7 May 2009

Human Beings

Tension builds in the Kirk, (The Church of Scotland), over the whole problem of ministers who may be in gay relationships. The General Assembly meets while I'll be on the Greek Island of Lesbos, from where the term "lesbian" comes.  Most of my regular readers will be aware of the main media interest, that is the right of a minister, who is in a same-sex relationship, to take up his calling to an Aberdeen congregation. Details can be found elsewhere on the internet.

An internet petition is on the go, and many worthies have already signed, declaring their view that ministers cannot be gay, basically, and certainly cannot be in a relationship. It's interesting to note that most ministers who have signed up are retired, or have signed more than once! Or both! There are even signatures from people of other Churches! How dare they meddle?

Some signatories upset me. I thought they had more compassion in their souls!

The Anglican Church can look at this situation and empathise. We have the same problems, but in world terms, the Kirk is pretty small and schism would be unthinkable. We have enough division in Scotland among the presbyterian style of Christianity.

In my experience, once we put human faces on to the the labels, eg gay, lesbo, queer, sinner, then attitudes change. Jimmy next door may be gay, but we can't condemn Jimmy for he is leading an extremely godly life!

And all this stuff about loving the sinner and hating the sin is nonsense. I'm still looking in the Gospels for the bit that Jesus condemns homosexuals although the practice was rife in his time. I can't find the reference for tripping over condemnation of the pharisees!

Pass me my phylactery!

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avenscent said...

I think it would help if everybody remembered that they themselves are not perfect,we are all sinners. And god is the only one with the right to judge any one of us.

Removing the speck from there own eye is not some thing many take the trouble to do.