Monday, 11 May 2009

Dumbarton/London Corner School. The Gambia

Some film from our trip to The Gambia in January has just come my way. This is a short clip of the kids in our school out there on their annual trip. Dancing at school was never like this in my day! More information about the school and our commitment to it can be found HERE.

On the trip, the kids were being shown all the different musical instruments of their country, and as soon as the music started there was no stopping them!

Dumbarton/London Corner School has been "on the go"  for around seven years, and we now provide free schooling, a free feeding programme and free medical care for 90 students, and employ 5 teachers, two cooks, and two watchmen. It requires around £1200 per month to keep it all going, but with donations from folk like you we keep it financed - just!

One-off donations can be made HERE.


susan s. said...

Glad to see our kids having such a good time. They are beautiful!

Fr Kenny said...

They're just wonderful, Susan! I'm hoping we can produce a proper DVD soon of the school. If we do, I'll email one to you!