Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Laptop Decisions

The bottom line is that the hard drive on my laptop is dead, deceased, gone. However, the computer whizz I've recently discovered in Dumbarton managed to save most of the stuff on the said hard drive and put it on a DVD Rom for me. He was up until 2am, the soul, just rescuing what he could!

I can't afford a new laptop. Greek Island holidays and new laptops don't come at once, and I've decided to put in a new hard drive meantime. It's still a costly business, but necessary! We'll be eating pies and beans for the next couple of months!

Of course the car needs serviced, too!

Do you think I could put the dogs out to work?


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you can no longer afford haggis.

Fr Kenny said...

Had a lovely haggis last night, Father, with neeps and chappit tatties. When the Welsh RW is away, I eat Scottish!