Sunday, 21 June 2009

Busy Wee Weekend!

Apart from having Fiona from Taiwan, who has been a delightful and wonderful guest, much has happened over the past couple of days.

Off to High Mill School in Carluke on Friday afternoon, with Fiona, to see the children's Talent Contest. This was their final fundraiser for our school in The Gambia, and they have done exceptionally well over the year, raising cash through sponsorship, bring-and-buy and all sorts of other things. Their Head Teacher, pictured, is Anne Reifer, (nee Semple), who was a childhood "sweetheart" of mine when we were at school together all these years ago, so it was wonderful to catch up over the past few months!
We were presented with a cheque for £800 which goes an awful long way in The Gambia! We can now repair our building and enhance it after the Rainy Season. Anne.s school is moving to temporary premises until a new school is built, and we have been offered so many resources and furnishings to go in our container which is off to The Gambia later in the year.
Well done to Anne, the teachers and mostly the pupils of High Mill! You are wee stars!
Saturday morning was Synod, and I resisted the temptation to take Fiona! It was a quick and productive meeting, and gave me the opportunity to get a wee rest before having our great friends over for dinner last night. Linda produced a "Christmas Dinner" for Fiona, and even the dogs ate well!
Happy Father's Day to all you "Fathers" out there, spiritual and otherwise!

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First Aid 4 Gambia said...

congrats to High Mill on a great achievement