Monday, 22 June 2009

Day Off

It's the "Day Off", although a couple of sick visits will be squeezed in between a good blether over lunch with some clergy, a dog walk, and of course a visit to father.

He's still in hospital awaiting a place in a Care Home, and it's taking forever. He's now getting really aggressive and extremely unsettled in the ward, and the hospital will be pleased to see him go I think. Social Work have been incredibly slow in placing him somewhere, anywhere, even as a stop-gap until he returns to his native and beloved Glasgow. Prayers, please, that something happens soon.

It was strange, at the end of last week, giving up his tenancy, disconnecting his phone and his Sky etc etc. Almost like a death, but in reality just the beginning of his final chapter. In saying that, he's had more comebacks than Lazarus, and the old codger will probably outlive me!

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