Tuesday, 26 January 2010

In the Bad Books

It is to my eternal shame that I had not completed my Diocesan Returns until last night. They were due in early December. I'm never really "on-time" with this annual chore, but it's not great to be the only parish in the Diocese that has not sent in the vital statistics!

I am pleading insanity, coupled with the fact that life in general has not been the best since way before December!

However, there's something quite daunting about sitting down with your register of services and counting all the communions made, number of services, how many wimmen, how many men, reserved sacrament figures, Sunday next before Advent, etc etc. Is it the fear that when you add them all up your parish will show up as being one in decline? Fear of forms? Fear of calculators? Maybe none! Just that returns tend to be the sort of thing you can procrastinate with.

However, they're all off today, and I feel like a good boy again!

Oh! And the fear of "decline" was lifted. The numbers actually looked OK!

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