Sunday, 31 January 2010

MacWinter Magic

Brilkliant Friends' Do on in the hall tonight to get rid of the "winter blues". Rolls and square sausage, good singin' and a brilliant wee man who played his celtic harp beautifully. Usual bingo, raffles, wine and lots of other things the evangelicals love to hate! And we raised £150 to boot!

All photos HERE


GadgetVicar said...

Jings, not only is there an assassination plot against me (using poison - I read Facebook. You'd better hope I don't die this week, or the bizzies will be visiting!), but it's now being suggested I don't like to have fun. I wonder what the "lots of other things" are that evangelicals don't like?

I'm glad you guys had a great time after the misery of the last few weeks.

GadgetVicar said...

Happy Birthday, by the way!

Fr Kenny said...

Thanks GV. Please note, Mr Plod, that my tongue is firmly in cheek! And I thought the last pic of us singing "The Star of Rabbie Burns" would look similar to a St Silas service?

Performing monkeys, I hear, next?