Saturday, 16 January 2010

Too Much Excitement!

In the excitement of electing a new bishop I thought PTN were playing at Dunfermline rather than Kirkcaldy, and hadn't quite anticipated that anyone would be elected bishop quite so quickly and dramatically. Prayers for Gregor Duncan, elected Bishop of Glasgow & Galloway today!

As a member of the Preparatory Committee who recommended all three candidates as worthy to be elected, I'm glas Synod reached a decision today. All three would have made excellent bishops. For the others, I have no doubt that their day will come!


annie t said...

Absolutely thrilled and delighted with the morning's result .... but pity about PTN's.
Well done again to you as a member of a truly excellent preparatory Committee.

ADS said...

God bless this appointment in hope to bring peace and warmth to all under his leadership.

Fr Kenny said...

Amen, Aman!