Saturday, 30 January 2010

Inspires Online

Just got this in from the Inspires team, via Mother Ruth's Blog . If you want to be in the know then I suggest you sign up for it…

I’m writing on behalf of the Information and Communication Board of the Scottish Episcopal Church with some information about Inspires Online which will be launched next week.

You may be aware that the I & C Board has decided to make the printed magazine of the Scottish Episcopal Church (Inspires) a quarterly publication, thus reducing it from 10 times a year to 4 times a year.

This will be supplemented by an online newsletter. The initial expectation that this newsletter (Inspires Online) will come out monthly. This will contain more up to date news than the printed magazine has been able to do and it is hoped that it will go some way to solving a problem that some have perceived in our church,
of it being difficult to get news flowing around the Province.

The online newsletter will launch next week. All clergy whose e-mail addresses are known to the General Synod Office have been signed up to receive it. (If you don’t wish to receive it, there is an unsubscribe
link at the bottom of this e-mail and on every issue of the newsletter).

However, this publication is for our whole church, not just for clergy. For that reason, I’m writing to ask for your help in letting others know about it.

If people who have not been signed up already wish to receive this newsletter, then they need to go to  and  fill out the simple form there.

I would appreciate any help you can give in getting this information out. It could be included in congregational/diocesan publications, websites, blogs, notices in church, service sheets etc.

I hope that this new communication tool will be useful and would like to thank those who have been working on it.

The Provost adds:

Inspires has become a quarterly print publications supplimented by a monthly online newsletter. The content will be different. Inspires online will concentrate on time sensitive news. Inspires in print will still contain articles and reflection on the life of our church.

Now I'm corrected; I just didn't get the correct info, I owe aplogies to those confused by the earlier post!

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Kelvin said...

Hi Kenny

Thanks for the shout-out about Inspires Online. Hope that the folk in Dumbarton sign up and find it useful.