Friday, 15 January 2010

New Rectory

The household, RW, cat, dogs et al, are on standby at the moment. The church has bought us a new house to live in, an extra bedroom and a study too, and all going well, we get the keys today. Panic is rising in my throat as I contemplate the days ahead as we clean, decorate, plan what to take and what to put in a skip, and generally get ready fot the day of "The Move".

First up today will be trying to get services, gas, water and electricity into the property, and with plumbers as scarce as hen's teeth, this may prove difficult.

However, we have still to get the keys, so we wait for the phone to ring......

1 comment:

Morag said...

Decorating lower levels will be a doddle. Fix paint brushes dipped in the right colour of paint to the dugs tails and let them get on with it :-)