Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Pie of the Month!

Going to watch Partick Thistle Nil soon? Take advantage of this offer:

"The Pie of the Month for January will be the Burns Pie, essentially Whisky and haggis on a base of crushed Neeps and Tattie." - from the PTFC website.


dtedac said...

Let me see if I understand this: you have haggis and whisky on top of mashed turnips and mashed potatoes? Is there a crust also? Forgive my ignorance of Scottish cuisine.

dtedac said...

Oh, by the way. I noticed that you said that Partick Thistle played poorly on BBC Alba. I assume they do the play-by-play in Gaelic. Do you speak Gaelic?


Fr Kenny said...

No David, I have no Gaelic, and Thistle's performance sounded even worse in this melancholic tongue!

Yes, the pies come in a crust to hold it all in, so to speak!

Anonymous said...

Well I suppose it makes a change from PTFC fielding the pies and neeps - boom! boom!

dtedac, you may also not be familiar with the tattie scone on a roll or the macaroni pie or indeed the Buckfast black pudding.

I have to say it sounds delicious. Crikey the haggis pies from Greggs have just a token topping of tatties and neeps and certainly no whisky.

I just realised you weren't on my blogroll Kenny. Now sorted.