Saturday, 23 January 2010

It was 28 years Ago Today

Twenty eight years ago today, I was presented with my boychild, my only child! (On a Saturday too, because I remember Thistle Nil winning and I couldn't get to see them! He was beautiful then, and he's turned into a really nice, polite, respectable man, full of fun, with a Uni Degree and a very decent job.

He inherited the genetic illness of being a Partick Thistle Nil supporter, and this afternoon we will sit together at Firhill and together rue these genetics! (It was my grandfather's fault, and my dad's too!)

But first of all to Girvan for Diocesan Council! I used to go there on holiday as a child, and it seemed really far away! It does this morning too!

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susan s. said...

Happy Birthday to your boychild!