Saturday, 30 January 2010

Inverness 2 Partick Thistle Nil 1

Football at times can be a very cruel sport with today's game with Inverness providing a perfect example of that fact. A hard working performance looked set to bring a point back to Glasgow only for a late, highly contentious, refereeing decision, awarding Inverness a penalty with 2 minutes to go, to rob Thistle of that point. Referees? Who would have them? However, their assistants are worse seemingly!

According to the Thistle Nil manager Ian McCall, "As disappointed we were with the decision to give Inverness a penalty the thing that is really concerning us at this moment is the conduct of the assistant referee, He has sworn at my players and I find that totally unacceptable behaviour. To make matter worse he is now denying that he did so yet I have 8 players who are adamant that he did. I don't like criticising match officials, it's something that I try to avoid doing but they need to realise that football is an emotional thing for players and managers. It's our living that we are talking about. I'm not sure if there is anything formally we as a Club can do but I will discuss the situation with the Chairman at the start of the week with a view to launching a complaint."

Again, Nil Points!

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