Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Had a nice wee 55th birthday yesterday, despite the fact that the RW decided to take a day off too! This means cleaning and going out for lunch and lugging furniture around, but she did buy me the most beautiful Italian linen jacket, "for the summer". As the heavy snowflakes continue to fall outside my window, I remember the fact that I've always been in The Gambia through January for eight years now, and I've missed my dose of winter sun! I can't wait until summer, so I've put the jacket away for Easter Day, in the hope.....

The new rectory will, hopefully get a boiler fitted today, and hot water at last! Yesterday saw a bit of a setback when the joiner, who is "fixing" things, put a screw through a water pipe right above the man who was putting up a new living room ceiling. I didn't cry. I'm getting used to it! We got someone in to view the current Rectory, and we will continue to have high hopes that they'll buy it! One has to live in hope!

As I type, three dogs are sitting or lying at my feet wanting out for a run. I look at the snowflakes and think a wee visit to the new house is preferable. Living in hope doesn't always mean you get what you want!


dtedac said...

Happy birthday. I reached 55 last September also. Have a great day.

Morag said...

So you've got the linen jacket. All you need is the wild Hawaian shirt and the trendy shades and you could audition for CSI Miami and have wall to wall sunshine :-)

Apart from the minor detail that it was below freezing there this January too.

Fr Kenny said...

The shirt is on order.