Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Settling In - and Dealing with Duties!

At last the new Rectory is looking and feeling like a home, and the dogs have settled. There are still multiple tasks to be done, and the old Rectory needs cleared and gutted, but we'll get around to that after a few more days breathing space. When all is done,though, and we sit down, there comes the realisation of how stressed and "on edge" both the RW and I have been over the past four weeks.

Waiting for plumbers and joiners and heating engineers and being up to our armpits in water had kind of taken over our lives, and it's only today that I suddenly realise that Lent begins tomorrow, and there is a myriad of parish tasks that have been left undone through all the stramash of the last 30 days. It will take some time for catch up to take place, but the detailed Confession in the Eucharist tomorrow will be extremely meaningful for me! Oh! The things I have left undone and there being no health in me!

Some Vestry members have come up with ideas of what they want to use Lent Group time for, and since I'm dreadfully disorganised, I'm grateful for the suggestion. We hope to explore further all the points, suggestions and ideas, (vision), that came out of our Parish Day in December, and I'll try to root some of that stuff in scripture and prayer too.

Meanwhile, I'll get on with burning some palm crosses!

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