Saturday, 6 February 2010

RW Has a Satisfying Day

With the departure of most of the workers, and only a few more little things to do to the new house, the RW actually got in today to our new mansion with a her cleaning gear. She even missed luch, so enthusiastic was she! So now things are spotless downstairs, and upstairs is quavering in it's boots at the prospect of its turn! She's had a most satisfying day and is all excited about it all!

Oh to be a pet! They all know something is in the air, and the fact that suitcases haven't come out yet is confusing for them, but they'll all ken by next weekend!

Tiler coming back on Monday, carpet fitters during the week, and a wee bit of painting and emulsioning needing done, and we'll be very ready to move in on Friday. I just didn't believe this was possible 10 days ago, but some have more faith than me. It's cost the parish an enormous amount of money to get us here, and all I can say is "thank-you" to my people for digging deep and making the unaffordable happen. Whether there will be enough to pay me over the next months is debatable but with faith, it will all happen!

Thanks, too, to all who have listened to my rants and wiped away the tears! You have all been wonderfully supportive!


susan s. said...

It's oh so convenient to be able to clean without the furniture in place. I can see why RW would love to get in early and get to work!

susan s. said...

Oh, and I realize now that I failed to mention the fact that the pets were hopefully out with the Rector! That helps too. . . ;-)