Sunday, 14 February 2010

We're In!

The removal on Friday was as stressful as the run-up, but we survived! The day began wonderfully well, with the van we had hired from Mitchell's. It was loaded up with the first batch of "heavy stuff" when the gearbox decided to go on the van. No reverse, no going forward, and the Macaulay household effects, like my bed, and my TV locked in a van at the bottom of a hill. Cue the man from Sky to arrive to connect up the telly.

Two hours and much drama later, we were going again, but half the "muscle" had gone. Well, we thought we would be finished with the heavy stuff before lunch, and two poor souls soldiered on unaided!

M provided the tea, coffee and bacon rolls and by 5pm I could sit down. In the midst of only mild chaos I sat!

The dogs are rather unsettled and don't seem to like the back garden much. Tough! Get used to it guys! The cat is still "on holiday" but will no doubt be reintroduced once all the unpacking and hassle is over. Another few days and we'll get there!

Can't believe it's Ash Wednesday this week! I have much to repent of!


Eamonn said...

Hope you will soon be well settled in.

renzmqt said...

You know, working in health care, we talk about some folks having a "black cloud." If something wacko is going to go down - it will be when they are on call, for example. My lord, you do seem to have a black cloud over this move - I will rejoice with you all the way across the Atlantic and then some. Your experience has given me panic attacks on your behalf. By now, I would no longer have any hair and would have a constant twitch, as well as jump at any loud noises or the sound of running water. Peace be with you and the Mrs. From this point forward, No Bad Days!