Friday, 5 February 2010

Next Friday

Well, had a look around the new rectory today and decided we will be ready to move in next Friday with a bit of luck! The RW is happy, although there is a week of cleaning up in store! Now I'll be dragged kicking and screaming through IKEA and various other places which would not be my weekend choice!

Still, it's better than reporting another burst pipe!


susan s. said...

Right attitude, Kenny! ;-)

Erp said...

Agreed. And just think your first Sunday dinner in the new home will be Valentine's day (also Chinese New Year).

Fr Kenny said...

By Sunday we'll be throwing things at each other!

Erp said...


I live in area which does celebrate Chinese New Year with a big parade and lots of firecrackers, lion dancers, etc.. Lion dancers are traditional when opening a new business though I'm not sure about a new house.