Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Dick Turpin Without the Masks

The new Rectory is a joy to live in, not least because my study is a converted garage, next to the house. It gives me a quiet space away from pets, TV and the RW when she's in full flow, although I sometimes let the pets share it with me!

The only problem is that it doesn't have a working phone socket in it. This is pretty essential, as I need a socket to plug my modem in, out of the house, and enabling an internet connection to the big computer in the study.

Now... on to BT to ask how much it would cost to have an extension socket installed in my study. Answer - £200. Aye!


Ali said...

get yourself a wee digital phone with multiple handsets - under £50 in currys for a decent one!

Ali said...

oops - just spotted you want it for the internet too - phone extension faceplate and cable under £20 from maplin - 30 min job :)

Fr Kenny said...

Remember it's in a separate building.Drilling of walls and through windows to be avoided... whether I got a drill for Valentine's Day or not!

Ken O said...

Wireless internet router, and Ali's digiphones then? Total bill should be about half what BT want.