Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Is This It??

I was fascinated on Monday evening as I watches "Hustle" on BBC 1. Here was this grossly unlikeable "dude" smoking an electronic cigarette! It had smoke, not real smoke of course, and went red at the end, but just looked like a normal ciggy! As I struggle in my office, trying so hard not to smoke as I work, or sit in the hall at coffee, desperate for a fag, I've often wondered if there was some kind of nicotine hit that actually looked and felt like a cigarette. This, too, is the year of definitely trying to give up the weed for good. My finances can't cope any more!

So, dear readers, I wait anxiously for the postman to come with my e-fag, having located the little beauty on the internet. My days of breaking the law in my office will be finally over!

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