Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I'm weary! Weary of letting in tradesmen, fixing things, paying things, moving things, getting ready for the big house move on Friday... and today, about an hour ago, as I sat down in the big mess, as carpet-fitters and joiners put the finishing touches to things, I decided I was weary! It's all under control, you know, although it seems as if it's all hopelessly out of control!

What do I need to do today? Probably nothing really. A bit more packing, but tomorrow is going to be the busy bit, and the RW has taken a day off to partner me before the muscle arrives on Friday morning! Because nobody is moving in to the old Rectory in the foreseeable future, things we don't want or need can be left here, and sorted in the coming days and weeks. That's a blessing! We take what we'll be living with and dispose of the unwanted at leisure..... and we might even have the luxury of changing our minds about disposing of the "unwanted", as we realise we needed it all along.

It's a strange situation, because this is the first home that the RW and I will be setting up together. It's a new beginning, and new beginnings are good and exciting. I have allowed myself to become incredibly stressed by it all, but in fairness, it has been a stressful time! There is a hidden stress too. It's about deciding what belongs to "us" rather than what belongs to a past we need to let go of. Memories are rekindled as we choose what belongs to both of us and which will be prominent in our new home, and other things which are too precious to let go, but speak of another time in our lives when we were not together. Simple things, like an ornament or picture. Hell, we're going to have one enormous jumble sale!

Anyone fancy a Rood Screen which is being stored in the garage?

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