Thursday, 4 February 2010


My visit to the new rectory today brought joy to my heart. The plumber had been back and sorted the new leaks, plumbed stuff in and sorted the showers. The joiner is finished. The boiler is now working and the house is "toastie", drying out. Tam, the decorator is being his brilliant best, what a man!! And apart from new carpets in the hall and stairway, we could possibly move in next Friday!

God is good!


Rambling Rector said...

Great news - let me know when you are ready for visitors and Archie and Amber can play on the new carpets.

susan s. said...


Are you sure you couldn't wait for the carpets? t will be ever so much more toasty with them under foot!

Fr Kenny said...

I'm not moving before carpets are laid!

susan s. said...

Ah, then I misunderstood. Good.