Monday, 8 February 2010


Well the last two days have been rather different! Sunday I got dragged through Homebase and General George as we went on the rampage buying all those "essentials" for a new home! We move on Friday and I've yet to pack a box, but it will be done. Come to think of it, we haven't hired a van yet either!

Today was different, at a Diocesan CMD event in Glasgow, a day to look at the art of discerning direction. Sounds posh, but basically "How do you catch a vision for your parish and help people to see it, buy into it, and respond to it!" (I'll probably get told that's not what it was about at all!)

These days are really worthwhile, not just because they provide stimulus, but they are brilliant at just bringing clergy in the Diocese together, to share, to laugh, to commiserate, to build each other up and feel a part of something bigger. We all share the same sort of difficulties and dreams, really, and affirmation is the bee's knees!

So, back to choosing curtains tonight! The RW might not be too interested in "vision" tonight, but she needs an opinion on colour schemes. The feminine side of me just creeps out on these occasions!

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