Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Dirty Tricks!

This comes via “a friend” of "a friend"!

1. The indigenous US car industry is on it’s arse right now.
2. Toyota has long since usurped Detriot’s traditional Big Three.
3. Toyota becomes afflicted by a product-wide accelerator problem.
4. Next, the Prius model develops a braking issue.
5. Hey, only today, the Corolla in the States has a steering problem.
6. The world’s media buys it in full.
7. US politicians start to demand answers.
8. Moody’s threatens to downgrade Toyota stocks on supposition alone.
9. Professional engineers are frankly astonished. Toyota’s products and practices are a global byword in the car industry and beyond and for three such unrelated design incidences to arise in quick succession really beggars belief.
10. Oh yes, I almost forgot – America is home to the CIA and The Original Dirty Trick.


Fr Kenny said...

I still prefer my Honda!

Anonymous said...

On which there has been a recall today!! (cue theme from outer limits!)