Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Things are beginning to hot up as we prepare to move on Friday. As we are doing the removal ourselves, with some muscle going free, it was decided that I moved my own study myself, books and all, before Friday happened. Tonight, I'm one tired bunny! Physically tired because I have lifted and moved about half of my study, but kinda tired emotionally too.

Going through bookshelves brings back memories of times past. The temptation to sit down and read your "letter" in the Parish Mag of 1998 or whatever has to be avoided, but when I put humpty dumpty together again in the new house, I'm going to savour stuff that has been lying in files for years.

Books themselves bring back memories.... memories of what was going on when you first read them, and finding that what was exciting at the time is now old hat, but to be cherished none-the-less. Some stuff, not books, will find their way into back bags, stuff that should have been binned long ago. But what about your University essays? Did I really think that, say that, write that?

What to do with parish mags that go back to the eighties? Letters of support in hard times that I've kept lovingly? Files of plans that never came to fruition? Projects and conclusions that are very dear to me?

I'm just moving it all just now. When I come to decide what will be on my shelves and in my filing cabinets as I sort out my new office, it will be different. I'll have time to sit and reflect. What to keep and what will go.

The RW made a telling comment tonight. Stuff you keep, she said, is stuff that other folk need to clear out once you've gone. She's right,I think. However, it would be nice for someone to discover some gems in what I leave behind. Maybe I'm delusional? Who wants to hear what I said to my last parish in my last letter? They didn't take any heed of it anyway!


Ian said...

My main problem with my old university essays - certainly my New College ones - is that for the most part I can't understand them. I think I might have done when I wrote them but can't be sure.

Morag said...

I took great delight in burning all work relating to physics and biochem when I finished uni but kept the rest for years. And some letters and cards just have to be kept for sentimental reasons.

But I'll bet there is some stuff that can go when you get to the sorting stage.

Fr Kenny said...

Ian, I can't understand what I wrote at New College either, especially the stuff for Tom Torrance! However, I marvel at my wisdom and my theological prowess from these days. Was I clever, or was I on some sort of substance that I was unaware of? Certainly Edinburgh Theological College fed us well, but you just don't know what they might have been putting in the food!

Ian said...

well there was always the Tartan Special in The Stables Bar; was that food?

Fr Kenny said...

Absolutely, as was the fish & chips from Bratissani's!