Thursday, 20 May 2010

Apps of the Apostles

Tired of online churches, twittering vicars, blogging bishops and all the other appurtenances of religion on the Internet?

Welcome to the wonderful world of iPhone apps, where Bibles, blessings, rosaries and religious radio – not to mention chakra tuning and aura reading – are all now available at the tap of a screen. We've sifted through the hundreds of religious apps available and chosen just 10 which seem to be most in tune with the spirit of the iPhone: quirky, inventive, interactive and, above all, entertaining.

See it all here!


Janet said...

We've got a new Scottish website. I also check our the Jewish Chronicle online. Interesting to see other religions and their websites.

Ian said...

Methodists are doing it too, which I guess in terms of the Statement of Partnership means that the SEC also has a iPhones app: