Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Well, I guess it was inevitable! Archie, The Special One, had finished his dinner last night and after escaping from the kitchen, he pushed the other two canines aside and started wolfing down their share too. Although I have perpetually warned others not to try to separate a dog from its food, I feel sufficient trust in the SO, and took hold of his collar to pull him away.

Ever regret anything? He got hold of my arm and drew blood in four places. One cut is rather deep, and today I'm feeling sorry for myself as my arm is badly swollen and I'm wondering if he's damaged a bone too.

He knows he's not the most popular dog in town at present, and is spending most of his time, voluntarily, out in the back garden, looking rather pathetic. The thing is that he's such a biddable big soft lump! Next time, though, I'll heed my own advice and the spaniels can just go hungry!


susan s. said...

Please consider a doctor visit, Kenny. Dog bites can be dangerous! You have had all your shots, haven't you? ;-)

Chris said...

I'll not comment - you know my views on dogs!

Di said...

Both times I've been bitten by Jonny-dog have been when trying to separate him from someone else's food! One merited a hospital visit and a tetanus jag. You have my sympathies and so does the SO who'll be feeling sorry.