Thursday, 13 May 2010


Well, as dear Toastie seems to be coming into the last stage of his wee life, it was brilliant today to get a photo of my son's pup who has obviously tons of attitude! She's taken to getting everyone up at 4am lately! Poppy is a wee cracker, and is coming to live with us when her owners are off to the States in the summer. Toastie, Peanut, The Special One and the Silent Assassin will soon lick her into shape! Or will they? Take a look at that face!


susan s. said...

I think it's her almost perfect facial markings that do it! Her symetrical brown brows with the pointy black and white combos above that give her that 'don't mess with me' look. I love her little Chaplin mustache too!

Morag said...

You know how you tell us one of your more common comments to the dogs is "Archie stop eating the cat!" Think there could be a new comment in the summer of "Poppy stop eating Archie!"

Juanuchis said...

Your (and the visiting) Cavs are lovely! My sis has one, a rescue, and my cousin has two after meeting my sister's.