Saturday, 15 May 2010


Often folk look at our three dogs, all clean and prim and friendly, and respond,"Ahhhh".Like in a aren't they just perfect "Ahhhh". Below is the terrible truth of Archie, The Special One,after a walk in Balloch Park.

He is a Golden Retriever, by the way!


Juanuchis said...

Hehe! Good on ol' Archie!

We've a golden too. A few years ago, David had him at the pond at the base of the hill. He was on the phone with me when Quiubo espied another dog, and ran head-long toward it, not considering there was water in between. Quiubo went COMPLETELY UNDER, popped up in a panic, "WTF?!" and scrambled out all muddy. I was listening and just cracking up! Quiubo was an Archie-like mess. :)

Fr Kenny said...

They just can't help it, bless them!

fr dougal said...

They are true aristocrats: inbred, aimiable and totally thick!

Fr Kenny said...

Thick. Yes.