Sunday, 23 May 2010


Well I caved in at the end and ended up at the hospital today. The mega-bite I got from Archie had obviously badly infected my arm. It was all scarlet and swollen this morning, and I had trouble moving it.

The groundswell of opinion among the congregation fuelled the RW's terrible anxiety and I was wheeched off to the Minor Injuries Unit in The Vale before I could even drink my coffee after the 11am baptism. Opinions varied from the possibility of me losing my arm because the infection was heading for my lymph mode (!!!!), to the informed opinion that I definitely needed a tetanus jag at once, or my life would end sooner than you could say "holiday", never mind go on one!

It had been a lovely Pentecost celebration with Amy Jean being on her worst possible behaviour. She screamed throughout ......  a first for me in 32 years of ministry. I'm usually the one who stops the bairn crying, but not today :-(  As I made my way into the centre of the large congregation with Amy in one hand and a Baptismal candle in the other I heard one of the older ones whisper, "Don't stop nipping her"!

Anyway a dose of giant antibiotics and some strong painkillers to see me through until I see my own doc tomorrow.  Today, having taken a couple of the painkillers already, I'm heading for bed Zebedee. No need for tetanus as I'm all up to date anyway, but it seems that it's no longer policy to give a tetanus jag for a dog bite as most of us have had at least five shots throughout our lives.

Time to give in to the fuzzy head, and despite warnings, I should wake up to a left arm still being intact.

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Chris said...

You do live dangerously! A bit of hypochondria earlier in the week might have been a good thing ...

BTW, the word verification is "dignea" - which maybe is what you were striving for when you didn't make more fuss!