Monday, 17 May 2010

The Waiting Time

The Ascension has come and gone for 2010, and here we are, waiting for Pentecost. There is this great pregnant pause for the disciples as they wait. Some may have already given up and gone to the Jerusalem Job Centre. Others had faith that something, and something significant would happen soon.

In our churches, we often experience this "waiting time". Projects are launched, and if they don't bring instant results they are often abandoned through lack of interest or we deem them to have failed. Much like the first apostles, in the waiting time, we can lose heart easily.

However, often, a bit more perseverance, and a bit more patience wouldn't go amiss. Set up projects, set up new initiatives, and let God take all the time God needs to bring them to positive fruition. How easily and how tempting it is to give up just because we don't have immediate results.

Let God be God, and give God all the time God needs, and put aside the temptation of impatience!

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susan s. said...

I like this, Kenny. I needed to read it today. Thanks.