Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Toastie has been my constant companion for seven years now. An almost perfect King Charles Cavalier who could have won stuff at dog shows if I'd been inclined to do the necessary. I wasn't. Instead he became the parish pet and was spoiled rotten by the congregation! He came everywhere with me, and had a couple of adventures at gravesides which we won't go into! He sat in the passenger seat of my car, and slept with his head resting on his two front paws.

As the years passed he's had to put up with a puppy being introduced, another Cavalier,and a Golden Retriever and even a cat, but until recently still considered himself as leader of the pack.

Unfortunately, of late,he's been diagnosed as having heart disease,and his old lungs are filling up with fluid. He still tries to keep up with the pack, but alas, he suffers for it and coughs up lots of goo for hours afterwards. His days of long runs are over, and when the time comes we'll know what to do, however heartbreaking that will be.

He's started sleeping with his head resting on his front paws again, and today starts a new regime. Instead of long walks, he's getting to sit on the passenger seat again, with the opportunity to widdle as we go about our day. A return to his first two years as my pet. I only hope he gets long enough to appreciate the joys of parish ministry once again!


Morag said...

No matter what the other dogs may think he is still really Top Dog at heart! After all who's getting the extra kudos of being allowed to sit on the front passenger seat? :-)

Fr Kenny said...

Exactly! This morning/afternoon he's just lovin' it!

susan s. said...

No matter how long he has, he is already appreciating those joys of ministry. You see the most important part of his day is being with you, and he's getting that all day long now.

Love to you and Toastie!