Saturday, 8 May 2010

Gay Paris

Back from a first-time visit to Paris to celebrate the RW's 60th Birthday. Apart from the fact it was freezin', I loved the place, but especially Montmartre. Could have stayed there forever!

It was good, in the end, to escape the last days of the political nonsense that was going on. We got back in time  to register our vote, but what Scotland votes is largely ignored anyway.

What happens now is perhaps unknown,but I wish I was back in Paris.We are back to deals being done behind closed doors and that is depressing. The indecent haste of Clegg to jump into bed with the Tories is astonishing.Who would have thought that a Lib Dem vote could end up  a Tory vote? Nick... you will never get PR from Dodgy Dave!!! If I were a Lib Dem voter I'd be feeling really let down this weekend.

the Take Back Parliament initiative ( may be worth a look!


Pencefn said...

Kenny - A Lib vote is not a Tory vote, or vice-versa.

The only way a governing group can form is by various parties getting together. Whether it is Lib-Con or Lib-Lab-PC-Green-etal, the only thing that is certain is that the Lib-Dems will be involved.

Once PR comes along this will happen at every general election.

Anonymous said...

It's not like the "Liberals" haven't spent the last 12 years here in Scotland being the "Crypto-Labour Party", is it? Oh wait, it really is!