Thursday, 20 May 2010

Will coalition ConDem arms trading unit?

We will get a better idea of some of the detail regarding the new coalition government's approach to a range of issues today. But what will the new government do about its arms trading unit, the UKTI Defence & Security Organisation?

Campaign Againt Arms Trade (CAAT) are urging people to email Vince Cable in the hope that the LibDems might be able to bring some positive influence to bear.

Last year, the Conservatives said they wanted to increase the support given to arms exports, and use arms sales as a "foreign policy tool" - a prospect which campaigners say is truly alarming.

But in the past many senior Liberal Democrats have supported the campaign to end government support for arms exports, including Vince Cable, now the Minister responsible for UKTI. Add to this the financial pressures around deficit reduction and substantial investment in underwriting the commercial arms trade might not seem such an attractive prospect after all.

(From Ekklesia)

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