Thursday, 27 May 2010

Man Cold Blues

It's been a pretty horrific week health-wise with an infected arm, and now a man-cold to top any cold ever known to, well, man. Will I suffer is silence God forbid! A cold is a cold, and this is a HUGE BIG one!

However, my own plight fades against that of Toastie's, (my beloved 7-year-old King Charles Cavalier). He has heart disease, and his wee lungs are just filling up with fluid. As the days go on he is becoming more and more distressed, and I'm terrified that tonight the vet is going to suggest we have a "decision" to make. He has been with me through thick and thin, and I probably love him more than all the others, but I get really distressed when he's distressed, and I've spent most of the morning with him in my arms, both of us having a good cough together. Fortunately I can do something about mine and it will be gone in a few days. For Toastie, that's not an option, and the wee man's chest is heaving as he tries to get in some air between his coughing fits. (He's now sleeping fitfully at my feet)

To the vet tonight and we'll see what can be done, but my prediction is that the Boss doesn't have many days left among us. I couldn't see him suffer. He just wouldn't deserve it, but it's like all things pertaining to life and death, as we hold out some hope that tomorrow all will be magically better, and our loved ones, our dying ones, will be restored to health and stay among us a bit longer. Maybe it's fairer and better sometimes just to say "thanks and farewell", and let them go. Perhaps with dogs it's easier done, but it's still not easy to say it.


susan s. said...

Prayers for you and Toastie.

Morag said...

Poor Toastie! And poor you that you have to make the decision. But I know you'll do the right thing by him, and he IS still Top Dog no matter what the other 2 may think!

Chris said...

Poor Kenny! I know how you feel about that wee dug - and I feel for you having to decide what's best. Prayers for you both.

Anonymous said...

Sam was a lab/collie cross that I acquired one day at the Station Bar in Alexandria in 1983. He was a great pal for 12 years and I had to have him put down for his own comfort and relief in 1995. He licked my hand as he drifted away.

I know how you feel.