Thursday, 13 May 2010

Ascension Day

Wonderful Ascension Day service this evening incorporating the three local charges of Helensburgh, Alexandria and ourselves. Our wee music group were on top form!

Was waylaid by Scottish Lib Dems at the end who wanted to convert me from being a Christian into a Lib Conned, but they did it with a smile. Much in the same way as Darling Dave will do it to Old Nick as the months roll on!

Actually, I'm getting quite used to this compromise game. It has its plusses! On Sunday I'm preaching in the local URC Church, who have made a pact with the Episcopalians and the Methodists. It's called EMU for obvious reasons.

So, here I will be on Sunday, telling the URC guys that it will be of benefit for them to think ecumenically and pool our resources in the town. We'll even give them five seats on the Vestry Committee!

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