Monday, 20 April 2009

Afternoon Delights

It amazes me why clergy don't meet together more often. Had my best time in weeks with two fellow clergy at lunchtime today, bloggers too, having a good old blether about stuff that nobody else in their right mind would give a toss about! It was fun, a good laugh, downright bitchy at times, but perfect food for my soul.

Had an appointment at the hospital to see dad in the afternoon and a talk with the nurse in charge and an Occupational Therapist.

Dad has come on leaps and bounds over the past few days, but still sleeps a lot, and conversations with him can be incomprehensible mumbles or downright surreal. (eg today he told me he was watching Partick Thistle playing away in Europe last week on the telly. Hadn't I seen the game?)

However, I'm getting told two things today. OT don't think he could manage on his own. Physiotherapy say he could do anything if he puts his mind to it. Nurse says he's in a medical ward and they are now ready to discharge him soon, because, medically they can't do any more for him.

I'm tearing my hair out! He's still too weak to dress. He's dribbling. Wearing pads still. Sleeping all the time. Mumbling rubbish. And they're talking of sending him home?????

I can't look after him 24/7. No care package is in place. The sheltered housing complex say that they are not able to care for him and his days of independent living are over... and they're talking of sending him home???

Prayers now that he'll be discharged to a geriatric ward at least where some social assessment will be done, and a suitable place found for him. Eight days ago, this man was as near to death as I've seen. If he goes home, he'll be back in again within a week or two.... and I'll be admitted to a psychiatric ward at the same time. Nurse thought that was funny!


Song in my Heart said...

I figure clergy don't spend much time together because they're too busy.

You and your father are definitely in my prayers.

Morag said...

Prayers from here as well.