Saturday, 18 April 2009

Disruptive English Parishioners

From News Biscuit:

Rural parishes unable to find permanent members of the clergy have been forced to bring in supply vicars whose inexperience and lack of authority has made them vulnerable to disruptive parishioners, says a new report.

One temporary priest was reduced to tears with heckling and catcalling during his sermon, and when he looked up he saw that all the church-goers had turned their pews round to face the opposite direction. ‘These young supply vicars do not have the experience to be able to hold the attention of wayward Christians,’ admitted the Archbishop of Canterbury. ‘The moment they turn their back they are pelted with screwed up service sheets and Alpha Course leaflets made into paper planes, and many of them just don’t know what to do.’

Read the rest. How long before the bad behaviour jumps the pond? How long before the the unruliness moves beyond supply vicars and priests to vicars and rectors? Soon and very soon, I'm guessing.

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William said...

do you get much heckling then Kenny?