Monday, 6 April 2009

At the End of Palm Sunday

What was Jesus thinking? Did he reflect on the day and smile at the thought of children in the streets waving palms and singing Hosannas, their faces full of joy and laughter? Did he feel uplifted by the carnival atmosphere and feel affirmed by the welcome and the friendly faces? Did he go to sleep with a bit of peace and contentment in his heart?

Or was he sullen? Worrying about tomorrow, dreading what lay ahead? Anticipating the worst?

Often we can be so overburdened by thoughts of tomorrow and what has yet to come, that we fail to find joy in the present. We forget to relive and give thanks for the blessings of today because we are locked in fear for what tomorrow may bring. Today was a joyful day in church, and I thank God for it!


Morag said...

Thanks for reminding me of that point!

Chris said...

I think Jesus was beginning to feel the forsaken-ness that was to reach a pitch of pain on the cross - the forsaken-ness which is part of the humanity in which he shared. Because of this we know nothing we experience is outwith the experience of God the Son - even the feeling of losing touch with God. I can't help feeling that the crowd's enthusiasm for what they expected of Jesus would make this gulf begin to be apparent - but I feel I may need to blog about this when I get a minute, because I need to work through this a bit.

Fr Kenny said...

I suspect that the "forsaken-ness" grew as the week went on. The fact he felt as one with humanity on Palm Sunday may well have been heartwarming and something to be cherished. The at-one-ment with the people was, he knew, a reality, and the consequences led to the atonement on the cross. I think he was given a glimpse of the Kingdom on Palm Sunday, which would well warm the cockles of his heart!

Fr Kenny said...

The point of the "reflection", though, was for some of us to be grateful for the day, and not be burdened by projections for the future. Some of us need to hear that!