Thursday, 9 April 2009

At the End of Holy Wednesday

What was Jesus thinking? It had been a day of questions. Questions to trick him, questions designed to condemn him. Questions from the authorities, and from their henchmen. The answers this week, though, were serious ones. Jesus was no longer poking fun at his adversaries. This was serious stuff, and on the night of Holy Wednesday, he must have felt exhausted.

Tonight I , too, am exhausted. I've given much of myself today in many ways. To individuals needing a bit of strength to see the day out, to my dad, still so sick and very poorly in a hospital ward. I worry for him and his future, and if there is to be one. To the parish, needing to be there for folk, and ensuring that the rest of Holy Week goes well. It is all too much for me. Tonight I hand it over to God, and let him get on with it, take care of it all, while I sleep. I'm sure Jesus did much the same, and handed it all over for the night.

For those who can do that, trust God to take care, deep peace in your hearts will abound.


Erp said...

The peace of God be with you.

Maggot said...

Glad to see you've decided to trust in God, rather than your own strength. Remember also that God sometimes uses other people, as well as your good self, to help in situations. Let go and let God.