Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Partick Thistle Nil

I've been putting this off, and putting this off, but it was indeed Partick Thistle Nil on Saturday. This puts an end to promotion dreams! Manager Ian McCall's face tells it all, if we could see it behind his hands!

However, Dumbarton are going well just now, and may end up champions of the Third Division. Maybe I can bask in some of their glory?

I got the strength to post this on the wonderful news that Scotland are the new Champions of the World at the Curling! We beat Canada in the final yesterday on their own patch.

See curling? See Scotland? Magic! The picture is of a curling stane (stone), with easy instructions for the English. PS the RW is awfully handy with a curling stane hersel'!


susan s. said...

I sometimes see the curling on a new HD channel I get now. I seem to remember the brooms of the past being more witches like brooms. Now they look more like Swiffer mops. I guess they now polish the ice to get the stane further along?

Fr Kenny said...

Exactly Susan! More hi-tech these days!