Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Church Fabric

Things have not been going well of late. As well as the repairs needed to the Upper Room, after the gable end fell through the roof, our kitchen waste has now been blocked. The main reason for this is that some numpty, when paving outside the church, has put a big slab over a drain that needs constant ventilation. Now we need Dyno-Rod, or someone like this, to unblock our drains and sort the paving out so we don’t have a re-occurrence. 

This week, of all weeks, both boilers are not working, and the church is incredibly chilly! Trying to find someone who will even touch the boilers, which were new at the Restoration, is like trying to find a Cardinal who will say the Pope is wrong. Impossible! There is a tiny glimmer that we may get something together for Thursday evening, when we have our Seder tailing into the Eucharist of the Last Supper & Watch until Midnight, but I’m bringing my coat… it’s not looking too promising!

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Chris said...

This is to help you to empathise with your brethren in chilly Argyll churches!