Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Anglican "Wars" becoming Yesterday's News

From Ekklesia...

Just one journalist turned up for the recent GACON press conference of hard-line Anglicans. Is the long-running ecclesiastical war becoming a media snore?

"The Anglican schism is an ongoing media event, and as soon as the media stops paying attention, the schism will lose momentum," says Episcopal Cafe editor Jim Naughton. http://tinyurl.com/dhkzm3

He also points out, intriguingly, that Bishop Martyn Minns employs the same public relations firm that masterminded the Swift Boat Veterans campaign against former US Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, who lost out to George W. Bush.

Over on the Church Times, cartoonist Dave Walker makes this graphic comment on the proceedings:http://tinyurl.com/csya55

Last year Ekklesia published a book on 'Anglican wars' and beyond, Fear or freedom? Why a warring church must change, which suggested that the whole thing is something of a distraction from the real (and positive) challenges facing the churches.

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