Sunday, 5 April 2009

Hospital Holy Week

Looks like dad will be in hospital for quite a few days. Totally doped up tonight, and they're filling him with vitamins, as he is still agitated and still complaining of head pain. "A few days more", the nurse said tonight, so a fair bit of Holy Week will involve hospital visiting.

We have a crazy system in Dumbarton where hospital patients are normally taken out of our community and put in the "Big Place" over the river at the back end of Paisley. More time is spent travelling than you are allowed at the bedside of a sick friend or relative. The Social Work Dept there have nothing to do with Social Work on this side of the river, and there's no joined up care in that aspect.

I'm just hoping and praying that after this episode there is going to be the will to take him into care, where he can be properly looked after, but my hopes are not high!

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Morag said...

Will keep praying for him - and for his family!