Monday, 6 April 2009


The time has come for him to go into a home of some sort. Even in Very Sheltered Housing it's becoming apparent that he can't look after himself at all now, and I'm ready to buy a Season Ticket for the hospital.

Today he is very groggy, but seems to have damaged an eye, which they are going to have a proper look at! He is probably totally unaware I was in visiting today.

We are dealing with three Social Work teams here. Paisley, Dumbarton, and Glasgow, but we need to get him into a Care Home in Glasgow, if he is to live much longer. This means all three teams working together, and that's going to be a big issue. A bit of light today, though, inasmuch as Dumbarton has appointed him a personal Social Worker who seems to be keen to effect a positive outcome.

Keep a-praying that all this works out for the best, my fellow bloggers!


Song in my Heart said...

Still praying.

He is probably totally unaware I was in visiting today.

When my grandmother was in hospital there were days when we'd go to visit and we were sure she didn't know we were there or recognise us. Once we had a rather extended conversation among ourselves, certain she couldn't hear us. Later on a nurse had a conversation with her that could only have made any sense if Grandma was aware of what we'd said. She knew we were there, she just wasn't able to respond at the time.

susan s. said...

I will keep praying.

Anonymous said...

Will keep you in our prayers