Monday, 13 April 2009

Delivery for MadPriest?

From the BBC this afternoon....

A Brazilian woman was refused entry to the UK when she arrived at Newcastle Airport with luggage containing only T-shirts, a dressing gown and lingerie.

UK Border Agency officials said they suspected the 32-year-old of being involved in the sex industry.

She had arrived on a flight from Geneva on 4 April, the agency said.

Airport staff became suspicious when she could not say what she would be doing in the UK, other than "seeing Newcastle city centre".


MadPriest said...

only T-shirts, a dressing gown and lingerie.

But that's pretty much what all the women wear down the town centre on a Friday night.

I think there may be a miscarriage of justice here. Arriving in Newcastle Upon Tyne with just those items of clothing is not proof of prostitution.

Anonymous said...

you seem deeply in love with this mad priest fella

MadPriest said...

Jealous knickers!

Fr Kenny said...

Alas MP, our secret is out! Madly in love with an Englishman? Huh!