Monday, 13 April 2009

Most Britons believe in heaven, research reveals..

The majority of people in the UK believe in heaven and life after death, according to the findings of research published today.

A survey of 2060 people showed 53% believe in life after death, 55% believe in heaven and 70% believe in the human soul. (I'm glad of this)

The study, carried out between October and November last year for the public theology think tank Theos, also showed 39% believe in ghosts and 27% believe in reincarnation. A further 22% believe in astrology or horoscopes and 15% believe in fortune telling or tarot, the research revealed.

Half of people in London, the highest proportion in the UK, believe in ghosts, the survey showed.

The capital also topped the table for belief in life after death, at 69%, belief in the human soul, at 75%, and belief in heaven, at 69%.

Scotland had the highest number of people who believe in fortune telling or tarot, at 18%, and Wales had the highest proportion of people who believe in reincarnation, at 32%.

(Most of them probably think we come back as sheep!)

Often I despair!


Anonymous said...

As you are adept at fortune-telling Fr Kenny, would you kindly email me next week's National Lottery numbers.I'll send you a small donation.

Fr Kenny said...

We'll start giving you Lottery numbers when you start giving Scotland some lottery cash!