Friday, 17 April 2009

Pete Jensen is HERE!

News from GadgetVicar:

An Anglican Archbishop Visits The Kirk

The Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen is in Glasgow this weekend, helping the Church of Scotland "Contend for the Faith". Hear him at St George's, Tron at 7pm on Saturday night.

He has been in the UK for the GAFCON Primates' Council meeting. See the final communiquéfrom that meeting here.

Oh no! MadPriest & Jensen in Scotland at the same time! Baton down the hatches!

Read more about Pete Jensen HERE.


Simon Barrow said...

What could you have possibly done to deserve Jensen? Dear oh dear...

Fr Kenny said...

Mr Jensen is on a State Visit bringing God's Word to the Heathen. So tight is security, no one knows he is here. Not only will he not be meeting the Queen, he won't be speaking to the Archbishop of Canterbury either. He will have many speaking engagements throughout the UK, and Anglicans will be attending none of them. In Scotland, he is addressing Calvinists at The Tron Church, Glasgow. Episcopalians were so underwhelmed we decided not to invite him to preach.